Steam Operations Around Norfolk

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Following arrival at Norfolk Terminal Station, the cars were taken across
the street (Park Street  ?) to the Coach Yard for service.  I don't believe
there was anyway to turn cars at the Water Street Yard.  One thing to
remember is that eastbound N&W trains headed into NTS and the J came to
stop at the bumper post near Main Street.  Only after the passengers and the
head-end traffic were unloaded and the shifter transferred the cars to the
Coach Yard was the J able to back to Lovitt Avenue and head to Lamberts
Point.  In the cycle of Class J locomotives, the engine arriving NTS on No. 4
went to make No. 15.  Even if No. 4 was on time, this gave Norfolk Terminal
about three hours to unload, move light  to Lamberts Point, turn, service and
come back to NTS, then couple to cars assembled by the Coach Yard shifter
and get a brake test. Lamberts Point kept a "K" under steam to protect No. 15's
schedule -- just in case.                                              Harry Bundy

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