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On a mention of the Commisary listings might I please ask for the listings be revised to include the manufacturer of the particular item? I'm mostly talking about the CD/DVD section where only titles are shown and not the manufacturer of each item. It can get confusing when deciding to buy something as many titles are similar. Adding "Main Line Motion Pictures", etc.  would be very helpful to me and probably others.
Thanks,Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works 

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Very nice!

Phil Miller


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Good day to all,


  We have finalized terms with various manufacturer's in regards to pre-ordering models through the commissary.  I have enclosed a list of the models that will soon be present on the commissary web site. Please note that the delivery dates are per the manufacturer and can slip.


  We are in the process of creating SKU numbers for these items and once this task is complete the modification of the website will occur. I suspect that these tasks will be completed by the middle of next week.  I will keep you up to date on the progress.  Thanks to all.




Todd Arnett

President, NWHS


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