"NW" in the Wikipedia Article on the N&W

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Thanks James. 

Abram, I’d encourage you (and others) to set up a Wikipedia account to make minor edits like this. Information in Wikis are by design crowd-sourced (and reviewed) - and you are one of the crowd. 

Once you’re comfortable with edits, make some contributions. Many on this list are well qualified to do just this. 

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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Abram Burnett,
I just fixed it for you.
James Flummer
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To Whomever Wrote the Wikipedia Article on the N&W :


Will you please consider going in and editing "NW" to read "N&W" ?


That "NW"  garbage is a modernist desecration of the tradition and should be changed, out of respect for the railroad.


-- abram burnett

(Asst. Curmudgeon to Mr. King, Chief Curmudgeon)


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