Car hoist/crane in Roanoke before the unification of gauge

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Hi Peter,
I was one of the folks you talked with, as was Ron Davis (he wrote at least
one article which described the car hoist, and I believe it has an
illustration). You then came into Roanoke and met with Ken Miller.

You have a real gold mine in those images, we'd like to get scans of them
for future articles in the Arrow journal of the NWHS!

Stephen Warren
Roanoke, VA

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> My gray matter is getting dustier all the time. At the 2018 Convention I
> had the chance to visit with several members. I even took notes. I have no
> idea what I've done with the notes which means I don't have the names of
> folks who were kind enough to provide information useful to me. One of our
> members has written a couple of articles about the car hoist/crane that was
> used to lift cars off their wheels of one gauge and put them down on wheels
> of another gauge so the cars could go through Roanoke where the two
> different gauges met. I've been running through back issues of the Arrow on
> the website but not having much luck. Would the author please re-edify me
> as to what issues had that information. This old dog can't remember the old
> tricks much less learn new ones. Thank you for your kindness.
> Peter Getz
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