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Thanks, Jeff.  I've been to Vicker only once in modern era but that
retaining wall stuck in my memory.  In the ebay slide, I noticed the call
box mounted to a post bolted to a bump-out on the retaining wall.
Interesting feature to model (and the connecting phone lines).


Jim King

 <http://www.smokymountainmodelworks.com/> www.smokymountainmodelworks.com


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Jim -


That is most definitely Vicker.  The train should be westbound as that creek
runs along the south side of the ROW.  


Jeff Hawkins

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Stone wall reminds me of Vicker but that was 4-tracks wide.  Any idea where
this shot was made?


Jim King

 <http://www.smokymountainmodelworks.com/> www.smokymountainmodelworks.com



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