Electric Conveyor Cars & Lamberts Point Piers

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Dear Mail list members,

I am rather new to this listing so please forgive me if this subject has 
topics of conversation already open.

The N&W Lamberts Point Pier numbering and historic Pier usage is of 
specific interest to me and from perusing photographs within the NHWS 
archives and other sources, I seem to have met a stumbling block on 
resources and some mixed information.?? My interest relates to Piers 3, 4 
and 5. This list is what I have been able to 'guesstimate' as to their 
usage? Perhaps somebody with better knowledge on the subject could 
clarify my research? Many thanks in advance.

  * Pier 6 - Modern day conveyor belt operations with 2 x rotary dumpers
    and coal hopper and relocated switchback loop(s) on Pier 5
  * Pier 5 - McMylar coal loader, standard coal hopper unloading and
    original switchback return loops
  * Pier 4 - Electric conveyor cars, 2 x rotary dumpers an electric car
    Hoist to access the pier and coal shutes delivering to the ships
    moored alongside the pier
  * Pier 3 - Standard coal hoppers used cars initially pushed up the
    ramp by barneys, and latterly Electric conveyor cars accessing the
    pier via the same long ramp (pushed by the original barneys?) and
    coal shutes delivering to the ships moored alongside the pier

 From examining the video footage from the Pocahontas Glory DVD (Vol 3). 
The two rotary transfer dumpers used for Piers 3 and 4 appear to 
transfer coal from standard coal hoppers to the Electric Transfer cars. 
They also appear to have been dismantled as the area is now cleared, 
including quite recently from Google Maps the concrete supports for the 
switchback return line from Pier 4.

Then there is the matter of what looks to be a pair? of diesel powered 
donkey engines - can anybody throw any light on their use? 
https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=16785 Since there are also 
photos with Barney engines, where exactly were they all used?

If anybody can throw me any light on resources, namely forum postings, 
books, videos, drawings and photos (except for the NWHS archives) I'd 
appreciate your help.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Sumsion

Abingdon UK

PM: robert_sumsion at yahoo.co.uk

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