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The H11A-E classes did not receive the NS logo until they went through the Roanoke re-body program, where they received a 9 panel body, plus the two sloped end panels, and were designated H11AR (-ER). The bulk of the fleet kept their original number series with the NW reporting marks. Those that were changed to NS reporting marks and had 300000 added to their original number, so NW H11B #3030 would have rolled to NS H11BR #303030. The block of NS road numbers for the H11 R  are 303000 - 334249 (mixed AR - ER's) and 366000-375999 (H11R's). There are also two lone H11's that were assigned NS reporting marks, in the 344574-346624 & 349000-349596 number series respectively, but I do not have the exact road numbers. Both were built in '62. (NS reporting marks and number series info is from my Nov., 11, '98 NS Equipment Depreciation Guide.)

There were two H12A's that were built by NS in 1988 with spare inventory, and carried the speed logo and NW reporting marks #143981 & 143982.

Hope this helps.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA

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Hello everyone, some time ago I was searching around the Archives, and happened to find a photo of several freshly repainted H11A-E series hoppers in the NS scheme. I’ve not been able to find the photo since then. I know these repaints had to be pretty rare, as the H11A-E series was used for hopper and Top Gon rebuilds, so they never had to chance to be repainted. Would anyone know anything about this photo or have any other photos of H11’s painted in the NS scheme?

-Evan Miller
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