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Expect a pre-order announcement this evening.  Thanks to all.Regards,Todd ArnettPresident, NWHS Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S7, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
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For those that haven't seen, Scaletrains recently announced N&W SD45's in their Rivet Counter line. Road numbers will be #1776 in the Bi-centennial Scheme, as well as #1771, 1782, #1785, 1810 & 1812, in Pevler Blue and the triple clasp Flexicoil trucks. These
 models are to be available as DCC & Sound Ready, or as DCC & Sound Equipped. Delivery schedule should be Fall / Winter 2020. 

As with previous N&W models, I am guessing that these will be available through the Commissary.


Russ Goodwin

Oakwood, GA

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