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The Southern's Tennessean and Southerner cars were built by Pullman in 1941 with stainless steel side sheathing. The roofs look to be stainless, but I can't find proof of that. Some roads had cars with stainless sides and carbon steel roofs painted silver. Looking through the Norfolk and Western Passenger Service book it looks like the roofs were still silver at the end of N&W steam.  My guess is by 1960 Southern painted the roofs black. They also painted the roofs of their Budd built cars black as well. The trucks were painted silver in builder's photos at Pullman in 1941, but I don't think that lasted long.

--Rick Morrison
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  What color were the roofs and trucks of The Tennessean as pulled by the J’s. I have read that the Southern’s standard called for back, and have certainly seen photos with black, but I have also seen several photos in which they appear to be silver. Were they delivered this way and painted black later on? 

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