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 Western Sunset was originally in UP yellow, but I don't know if it was still yellow when relettered N&W. I would think that it was, but have no photograph to prove it. It was eventually painted blue, ran on the Pocahontas, and finally painted red and renamed "Hollins College."
Jim Nichols
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 I am compiling a list of all N&W-lettered passenger cars inherited from the Wabash that were painted Union Pacific Armour Yellow for interline service and the City of St. Louis.  So far, I only have photographs of the following five cars:

N&W Dome #1613 (ex-WAB Dome #203 by Pullman)
N&W "National Colors” (Pullman Standard 6-4-6 Sleeper)N&W "National Homes” (Pullman Standard 6-4-6 Sleeper)N&W "National Unity” (Pullman Standard 6-4-6 Sleeper)
N&W Coach #1836 (ex-WAB #1429 by ACF)

Several additional Wabash cars were painted Armour Yellow.  But I do not have photographs that they were painted Armour Yellow in service on the N&W.
Does anybody know of other N&W cars painted Armour Yellow?  Photographs would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Bill KingArlington, Virginia________________________________________
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