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My understanding of the PENNOR yard name is that it was a simple mash-up of Pennsylvania-Norfolk and Western, though I don’t remember where I read that. Perhaps on ColumbusRailroads.com or in Rick Tipton’s book. Railroaders are no more (or less) clever than most of us.

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Colonel Cochranov, Excellency:

I believe that is the Joyce Avenue Yard Office (which was a real monster) in Columbus, in the background. I only worked into and out of Columbus for two months, and my nearly-sixty-old memories may deceive me, but my vote is for 'Lumbus.

If I am correct, that view looks eastwardly and the engine has come in off "the Valley" (the the Portsmouth-Columbus territory.) The back-to-back PL signals may be used as humping signals. Out-of-sight to the left is the "P-Company" (i.e. PRR) yard, which may have been called Penoir (the etymology of which word I never understood)... I just can't remember for sure.

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