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N - miles measured from Norfolk.  MP distances were established in 1892 as
measured from Norfolk. Mile post locations were not changed over the years
with realignments, but distances between mileposts were changed. The
exception is the realignment between Coopers and North Fork with the new
Elkhorn Tunnel, when the N&W opted to move the mile posts between the new
bridge at Maybeury and N-386 about one mile west of the original location
and to eliminate MP N385. The distance between MP N384 and N386 is only
2,812 feet.

Stations and sidings list measure the station locations from Norfolk and are
updated to correct distances as alignment changes occur.

I have no comment on Vera.

Alex Schust  

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Why is there a 41 mile difference on the 1967 Scioto division timetable?
Example, Vera miles from Norfolk = 567.5
Vera in the milepost column is N608.5
This is a 41 mile difference.
WHY? What does the N stand for, N608.5

Jeff Wood
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