Y3a #2050 Tender Mystery

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 That's an 18,000 water bottom tender,  same as the one modeled in the brass unstreamlned K2. Several Y3's received them in the late days of steam.
Jim Nichols
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I was looking at photos of N&W #2050, on display at the museum in Union, Illinois. I noticed in NWHS photos that its tender changed at some point. I’m guessing that this happened in later years of its operations.

I noticed the tender it retired with has buckeye trucks and a straight tank side. I looked at photos of brass models and think I determined the difference. It looks like it might have an unstreamlined K-2 tender without a doghouse? 


Engine: Norfolk & Western #2050 (rrpicturearchives.net)

Tender: NW 2050 (rrpicturearchives.net)

NWHS DS02595-Digital Scan

At this link, you can view a ¾ view of the fireman’s side of the tender matching the angle above. N&W K-2 unstreamlined brass model: HO Brass Train KEY N&W 4-8-2 Key Model Imports (brasstrains.com)


NWHS NW07134-Photo

NWHS NW10485-Photo


Any other ideas? 


Phil Miller
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