[LEAPSECS] nails in the coffin of mean solar time

Clive D.W. Feather clive at demon.net
Fri Jun 15 07:52:24 EDT 2007

Tony Finch said:

> The BBC's time signals come from a GPS receiver - not the NPL as they used

> to. The UK government made a big fuss about the fact that the London

> Internet Exchange is (almost) on the Greenwich meridian as part of the

> millennium celebrations, to the extent of promoting (GPS-synchronized)

> NTP and funding atomic clocks located at the LINX.

Nitpick: the government didn't fund anything - it was all paid for out of
private money. [I speak as a director of LINX at the time.] They did
support it, though.

Googling for "Greenwich Electronic Time" will tell more.

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