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An almanac page showing this most unusual date is shown here:



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>> According to the timezone Theory file, Feb 30th has happened once before

>> in Sweden:


>> (A previous posting of this story was challenged, and Swedish

>> readers produced the following references to support it:

>> "Tiderakning och historia" by Natanael Beckman (1924) and

>> "Tid, en bok om tiderakning och kalendervasen" by Lars-Olof

>> Lode'n (no date was given).)


> This story is listed in the Oxford Companion for the year under 30

> February. They also point out that the Soviet Union used a calendar

> where all months had 30 days, and there were 5 holiday days from 1

> October 1929, so in 1930 and 1931 the Soviet Union effectively had

> a 30 February.


> (In the same entry they also point out that there seems to be no

> truth to the modern assertion that the Romans gave all odd months

> 31 days, 29 to February and 30 to the rest.)


> David.

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