[LEAPSECS] Time is changing in Venezuela

Barberi scbarberi at verizon.net
Mon Sep 24 22:05:20 EDT 2007

On September 24, 2007, Tony Finch wrote:


> I don't remember any discussions at the Washington Conference about

> restrictions on the scope of their universal time system. As far as I

> remember, their recommendation was that all countries should adopt the

> American time zone system of integer hour offsets from UT, as an

> intermediate step towards everyone using zulu time for everyday purposes.


Funny, I was just helping some kids with a project on the 1884 Washington
Conference. Various ideas for time zone systems were discussed, but no
recommendation was made. They did propose the adoption of a universal day
(GMT), but it was not to interfere with the use of local or standard time.


-- Steve Barberi

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