[LEAPSECS] WP7A status and Re: clinical evidence about time and sun

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Thu Dec 18 16:46:37 EST 2008

Rob Seaman scripsit:

> And how precisely is this making your point? In the absence of a

> coherent zoneinfo scheme like Steve Allen's, you are asserting that

> the (literally) rock solid basis of mean solar time anchored deep in

> the Earth,

Nothing anyone can do will change the value of mean solar time.

> be replaced with a completely unreliable mapping that

> varies under diverse authority both in geographic location and by

> decade and century.

I'm pointing out that we are *already* doing that when establishing
local time.

> Again - civil time is clearly a flavor of mean solar time, whether or

> not we decide to cheat by embargoing leap seconds or by sloshing the

> timezones around. For example, we have sent missions to Mars, and the

> obvious and immediate response of the projects operating equipment on

> the surface was to establish a mission clock synchronized to Martian

> mean solar time.

Mean solar time is very important for certain purposes. So is moonphase,
but I don't hear you howling against the Gregorian calendar and demanding
the immediate imposition of the Jewish (or Babylonian or Chinese) calendar.

> There are two types of time - interval and Earth orientation. Civil

> time clearly has more to do with the latter than the former.

Oh, absolutely. I'm not disputing that.

> Why is this controversial?

If you got the money, honey, they've got the time. If not -- they've still
got the time.

> At the very least, someone promoting this proposal should show the

> rest of the world and themselves the respect of creating some sort of

> actual plan for what options might exist when the embargoed leap

> seconds turn into minutes and hours.

Actual plan: Switch to DST and double DST when the difference between
mean solar time and local time becomes embarrassingly large. (And if
Urumqi isn't embarrassed, why should Washington be?)

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