[LEAPSECS] WP7A status and Re: clinical evidence about time and sun

Pete Forman pete.forman at westerngeco.com
Fri Dec 19 04:09:33 EST 2008

At 2008-12-18 23:50 -0700, Rob Seaman wrote:

>GPS is a very popular brand name that could certainly be used as a

>component of a successful campaign to market a new concept of civil


Please, no. I've had to spend a lot of time explaining the difference
between GPS time as used in the satellite constellation and UTC as
reported from a GPS receiver.

Unless, that is, when leap seconds are abolished that GPS and UTCng
are to be synchronized. I had intended that as a flippant remark;
but if civil time is to shift to an atomic scale then it will diverge
from solar time. A one-off step of a few seconds would trumpet the
change in time keeping.

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