[LEAPSECS] Cheating means more planning, not less

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: >> DST is a trivial gimmick layered on standard time. Standard time is a

: >> global system layered on the mean solar day.

: >

: >I don't think DST is trivial, nor is it a gimmick.


: Seconded.


: In addition to what it was designed to, DST changes have taken on

: an unanticipated role of high-level low frequency public scheduling.


: Emperical evidence shows that fewer people miss their trains right

: after a DST change, even accounting for those who get it wrong by

: one hour.



: This indicates that DST changes actually make people adjust their

: clocks.


: At least in Denmark, the public safety administration is actively

: advocating using the DST change to test the residual current

: protection relay (RCCB), "since you have to set all the clocks anyway".


: We know from electricians purchases of new RCCBs that this advice

: is widely taken.


: I would keep DST, even if it confers no other benefits, simply because

: from a societal point of view, it is beneficial to have the populations

: almost undivided attention twice a year.

In the US, many fire departments have similar public safety
campaigns. Change your fire detector batteries when you change your


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