[LEAPSECS] CHU frequency change

Brian Garrett mgy1912 at cox.net
Mon Dec 29 15:08:02 EST 2008

This may be old news, but anyone listening for the leap second (or using CHU as a time reference) needs to be aware that the transmission on 7335kHz is going away as of 2009-01-01. Apparently, the leap second will be 7335's last.

They will still be broadcasting on three frequencies, but 7850 kHz will replace 7335. If receiving the leap second broadcast over CHU is important to you or your boxen, you'll want to choolse 3335 kHz or 14670 kHz instead.

Source: http://inms-ienm.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/time_services/shortwave_broadcasts_e.html

Happy leaping,
Brian Garrett
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