[LEAPSECS] Schedule for success

Greg Hennessy greg.hennessy at cox.net
Tue Dec 30 22:41:28 EST 2008

>> Nothing, since they use UTC, even though many people incorrectly call it GMT.


> But which "many people" are we talking about here ?

Doesn't matter in my view.

> Why is the report using GMT ?

Probably because it is a more recognizable term than UTC.

> I find theory C entirely unpersuasive: NASA is clearly not afraid

> to lecture the public about the difference between UTC and GMT.

I find your logic unpersuasive.

> If, for the argument, we assume theory A to be false, then it follows

> that whichever editor or secretary did the vandalism in theory B,

> (or for that matter: C) would have gotten a scolding lecture by one

> of the involved rocket scientist, who would have insisted that the

> change to GMT be backed out immediately.

If you think that a scientist can change the contents of a report after
the policitaly appointed staff at NASA has edited it, you don't understand
how NASA works.

> QED: rocket scientists are not educated well enough to, or can not

> be bothered to, react when they see a national british timescale

> used instead of a the proper UTC timescale.

False conclusion due to faulty logic.

> Now, do you belive me when I say that 99+% of all programmers

> wouldn't get a leap-second right if they even knew what it was ?

Then my advice is to work on getting better programmers rather
than messing with leap seconds.


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