[LEAPSECS] Schedule for success

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Wed Dec 31 00:00:44 EST 2008

In message: <495AEB56.4080806 at cox.net>
Greg Hennessy <greg.hennessy at cox.net> writes:


: > GMT is officially deprecated as the term for what is now UTC. To

: > continue to use the old terminology over three and a half decades

: > after it was deprecated is a mistake.


: Who officially depreciated it? If Paul is correct

: and GMT is owned by the British, why would

: a NIST web site should be belived?

Well, NASA isn't running on GMT, but rather UTC. That's the relevant
point for my point. They are calling one thing by the old-archaic
term that has mutated into something else.

I'd tend to believe the NIST web site, since they are in charge of the
official time in the United States. While we might qibble over some
minor details (see Steve Allan's posts for some of the minor
inconsistencies), on the whole it is correct. It also agrees with the
USNO web pages, as well as the BIPM web pages. Would you like the


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