[LEAPSECS] it's WP7A week in Geneva

Mark Calabretta mcalabre at atnf.csiro.au
Mon Oct 5 20:42:19 EDT 2009

On Sun 2009/10/04 12:49:06 +0200, Magnus Danielson wrote

>Of course it cannot output a correct UTC solution until it has received

>page 18 subframe 4, but it can store the leapsecond offset in

>non-volatile RAM since last lock and for most of times that would give

>correct UTC from first lock. How many if any receiver uses that, I do

>not know, but it is technically possible, just as you store the almenac

>data and last known position in order to accelerate those first 12,5

>min. Recall, for this strategy to fail, the receiver must have been

>turned off over a leap-second event. Most times it is turned off is not

>a leap-second event.

Given that leap seconds are announced six months in advance, how
difficult would it be for GPS to disseminate that information
and for receivers to store and use it?

Mark Calabretta

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