[LEAPSECS] Reliability (was Re: it's WP7A week in Geneva)

Nero Imhard nimh at pipe.nl
Tue Oct 6 07:25:56 EDT 2009

On 2009-10-03, at 23:56, Rob Seaman wrote:

> However, is it a true assertion that currently deployed GPS receivers

> return GPS time significantly more reliably (all those 9's) than they

> do UTC? (Assuming a particular model supports both?)


> It's hard to see this as supporting a position that "Only UTC can be

> disseminated"...

It was not even clear how that phrase was meant, let alone how one would
arrive at such a conclusion.

Some possible interpretations:
- Only the time scale currently called "UTC" can be disseminated. (why??)
- It is not possible to disseminate a clean count of SI seconds (why not??)
- It is only practical to disseminate a time scale that has a simple
relationship to legal time (i.e. UTC).
- whatever the disseminated time scale, it has to be called "UTC" (sounds
like ITU's position)


Does anyone have a clue?


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