[LEAPSECS] LEAPSECS Digest, Vol 34, Issue 8

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Oct 9 22:54:17 EDT 2009

M. Warner Losh wrote:

> In message: <13205C286662DE4387D9AF3AC30EF456AFA8697A05 at EMBX01-WF.jnpr.net>

> Jonathan Natale <jnatale at juniper.net> writes:

> : AFAIK, routers also just re-sych. The OS's are not capable of

> : xx:xx:60 time. For reading router logs this is fine in most cases

> : which is all NTP is really for. I don't think they simply step the

> : time, I am pretty sure they do tweak the freq. I could be wrong and

> : I am NOT representing Juniper here, just my thoughts. :-)


> FreeBSD will cope with the xx:xx:60 second correctly, assuming it is

> told about the leapsecond soon enough. Not all other parts of the

> system can cope with the xx:xx:60, but that's a posix time_t

> limitation that you can't do anything about[*].


> Warner


> [*] The 'right' timezone files attempt to do things correctly, but in

> doing so they break time_t definition...

I assumed you meant to say that it breaks the POSIX time_t definition.


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