[LEAPSECS] Input Document for US Study Group 7 Telecon on Monday, August 16 at 1:00 pm

Paul Sheer p at 2038bug.com
Wed Aug 11 13:45:39 EDT 2010

Hello Mr Whyte, Mr Hanson, and good day to you.

I would like to participate in this meeting. Please can I have
connect details.

My comments as follows:

The proposal to drop leap seconds has generated considerable anxiety
for the reason that it appears as though a small number of people are
deciding on behalf of humanity that clock time shall drift apart from
astronomical time.

There does not seem to be any mitigating comments to the contrary
from yourselves.

Perhaps fears can be allayed if your study group would publically
comment about what your plan for the future actually is.

Dropping leap seconds is perfectly sensible if the intention is
to let the misalignment between clock time and astronomical time
be taken care of through other mechanisms.

Such a discussion would also include what your plans are for the
NTP infrastructure and the 100 million computers that keep their
time in sync with it and thereby in sync also with UTC - even if
such plans are currently speculative.

Indeed it would be prudent to coordinate the standardization of
NTP along with UTC, since NTP is the most widely used time
synchronization mechanism.

Kind regards



The attached draft input document from the Chair of US WP7A has been
uploaded to the US SG-7 website for consideration during Monday’s US
SG-7 telecon. It is consistent with the agreed U.S. position agreed
prior to last year’s WP7A meeting. Please provide any comments to the
author with a copy to me by COB Friday.

This will be the only open meeting of US SG-7. Any subsequent meetings
will be restricted to members of the U.S. Delegation only.

Wayne Whyte

Chair, US SG-7

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