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Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Tue Aug 24 17:55:44 EDT 2010

Interesting to get a (relatively) independent sampling of views from slashdot. Several of the LEAPSECS talking points came up - as well as numerous of the canards and red herrings. The thread has aged to the point that it would be pointless to reply, although I suspect I recognize more timely contributions from at least a couple members of this list.

The most insightful observation:

"They should have introduced 'look' seconds before they introduced 'leap' seconds. Would have saved a lot of trouble."


On Aug 24, 2010, at 1:45 PM, Rob Seaman wrote:

> Picked up as a slashdot thread:


> http://news.slashdot.org/story/10/08/24/032244/Leap-Seconds-May-Be-Eliminated-From-UTC


> Something of a cautionary tale to be careful with the phraseology of posts even on obscure technical mailing lists :-)


> Comments are the usual mixed bag, but relatively on-topic for slashdot (but then I've only read the first couple dozen). I'd mod-up the one mentioning zoneinfo in the same breath as ucolick, but don't have any points...


> Rob

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> On Aug 23, 2010, at 2:21 PM, Steve Allen wrote:


>> There's an article on leap seconds up at PCWorld


>> http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/203932/time_waits_for_no_one_leap_seconds_may_be_cut.html

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