[LEAPSECS] php breaks if UTC has no leap seconds?

Matsakis, Demetrios matsakis.demetrios at usno.navy.mil
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At the USNO, I had monthly meetings on Y2K problems starting in 1998.
Some were handled in software, and others required dealing with the
manufacturer. Our equipment that gave time to NTP via IRIG-B required a
special chip to prevent falling back 100 years upon restart. Some of
our GPS monitor equipment had to be replaced, although others were
handled in the data processing software. I personally wrote a computer
program to search through every line of code for any instance of "19",
and found some. The whole effort was significantly less than one
person-year of USNO labor. But government salaries are cheap, so the
cost in industry was doubtless much higher.

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Hello Paul,

I'd be interested if you have some examples of of Y2K bugs that
were fixed before they became a problem. In my very limited
experience, I wasn't affected by any, nor aware of them.


On 10 December 2010 01:55, Paul Sheer <p at 2038bug.com> wrote:

> Everybody said y2k was going to break everything. In the end, it was


> non-event :)


> It was a non-event BECAUSE the industry spent enormous $$ to fix all


> zillions of Y2K bugs in time.


> It was still a disaster from an expendature point of view.


> (Does anyone need to even explain this????)


> -paul

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