[LEAPSECS] Affect of Y2K on programmers' attitude toward time documents

Gerard Ashton ashtongj at comcast.net
Fri Dec 10 14:03:08 EST 2010

One effect I recall from the Y2K prevention effort actually relates to
29 February 2000. There was considerable discussion among programmers as
to whether that date existed or not, and there was enough disagreement
among the computer language manuals and the like that programmers lost
confidence in publications directed toward the software community, and
sought primary sources such as Inter gravissimas and the British
Calendar (New Style) Act 1750. I suspect this rude awakening to the need
to inspect primary sources may be adding to the present discontent with
the lack of transparency of the ITU, and the inability to obtain what
public documents they have for free or for reasonable prices.

Gerry Ashton
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