[LEAPSECS] Leap Sec vs Y2K

Paul Sheer p at 2038bug.com
Fri Dec 10 19:04:17 EST 2010

in future, please read my email before you reply.

The fact that you INSIST that our timestamps being seconds or minutes
off MUST be a problem for my company,
WHEREAS it is definitively NOT a problem, is perplexing to me.


> Ohh, so you have heard of NTP, but have zero clue about how to

> configure it correctly ?


why must i learn something so rarely required in practice?

think of competence as a limited resource just like RAM or hard-drive
life. Now,

software is ALREADY written to work around the minor problem of
computers being out of time-sync due to 10s of thousands "incompetent"
sys admins.

yours is a solution looking for a problem. And even more bizarre is
that you basically admit that your NTP is broken: it only works properly
*if* "configured correctly". Surely good software should auto-configure
and work correctly by default?????

No instead your solution requires everyone on the planet to "suddenly
stop being incompetent". But this is off the topic.

> I pity your customers.


Then you must also pity 99.999% of the software users on the planet all
of which are not affected by missing NTP configurations.

I would pity them if you worked for us. You would spend all your dev
time obsessing over time-stamps,
while neglecting the important features that help our customers generate
revenue out of their subscribers.


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