[LEAPSECS] Leap Sec vs Y2K

Jonathan E. Hardis jhardis at tcs.wap.org
Sun Dec 12 23:47:05 EST 2010

On Dec 11, 2010, at 12:36 PM, Ian Batten wrote:

> Well, except for Active Directory, which sets an upper bound of five

> minutes on the maximum error. In practice, an AD deployment in

> which clocks were allowed to drift apart by minutes would behave

> very badly, so the typical target is less than that. Yes, in

> principle, an AD deployment could synch to an artificial time, or

> indeed to whatever time the AD masters drifted to (although, as

> they'd be drifting independently, there would be all sorts of

> problems with doing that, such as what happens to the clocks of

> clients when they switch from one slave server to another). In

> reality, it's much easier to synch to UTC or its local realisation

> than to some private timescale, especially in multi-site

> deployments. So I doubt there are many Windows networks of any

> scale that don't synch their clocks.


> Still, it's not as though either Windows or AD are widely used.

N.B.: Windows computers bound to a domain synchronize to a domain
controller, and ultimately to the primary domain controller.


- Jonathan

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