[LEAPSECS] LEAPSECS Digest, Vol 48, Issue 11

Finkleman, Dave dfinkleman at agi.com
Tue Dec 14 13:18:18 EST 2010

Picking up on Poul-Hennig's comment, I ask, "What kind of time scale do
we want?" The question is a bit more than rhetorical, although there
are many answers depending on how "we" might use a time scale.

We are trying to cut through the red tape rather than wrap more, but
there is inevitably red tape. Our paper reviewed what a standard really
is and how standards should be developed. The ITU process meets none of
the criteria. Standards serve the common needs of a user group. To
change or develop a standard for convenience of those who have no need
for a given service is backwards.

All I need from the other ISO technical committees is a decision.
Doesn't matter what the decision is. If they agree it is an issue, then
we have the weight of all of ISO. If they don't think it is an issue
FOR THEM, we also have the weight of all of ISO because my working group
becomes all of ISO for this purpose. It is just checking a box, but the
outcome adds no more red tape.

I anticipate Poul-Hennig's feedback. Whatever his perspective and
whether or not it agrees with mine, the comments add value.

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