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The GPS broadcast navigation message includes advanced notice of a
leap second:

From IS-GPS-200: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Page 18 of subframe 4
includes: (1) the parameters needed to relate GPS time to UTC, and (2)
notice to the user regarding the scheduled future or recent past
(relative to NAV message upload) value of the delta time due to leap
seconds (?tLSF), together with the week number (WNLSF) and the day
number (DN) at the end of which the leap second becomes effective.

-- Richard Langley

Quoting "Finkleman, Dave" <dfinkleman at agi.com>:

> Do any sources of precise, accrued time have a leap second warning bit

> as DCF 77 does? Is the philosophy of leap second warning in DCF 77 a

> good paradigm for helping implement the leap second broadly?


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