[LEAPSECS] Bob Nelson

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Thu Dec 30 17:15:01 EST 2010

In message <3B33E89C51D2DE44BE2F0C757C656C8809E148AA at mail02.stk.com>, "Finklema
n, Dave" writes:

> He claims that only a "countable few" disagree with the recommendation.

I agree with him on this.

Outside the usual suspects on the LEAPSECS list I have a hard time
finding anybody who will defend leap seconds.

> He cites Steve Allen, John Seago, and Ken Seidelmann among the countable few.

Best way to disprove this claim: Write a half-page summary of the
evils you perceive from removing leap-seconds, and collect relevant
and credible signatures until his claim is proven wrong. Note that
Nobel-Prize winners seem to have lower batting average in this game
than regular players.

> I hesitate to accuse Bob of slander, but draw your own conclusions.

In general truth is an affirmative defense against an accusation
of libel or slander, so unless you can prove his claim definitively
wrong, you should not feed the laywers.

> What course of action would the group recommend?

Don't overreact.

Use your scientific training to find out if he is right-ier than yourself.

Call him og meet with him to discuss it face to face.


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