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>He [Bob Nelson] has communicated with OSD and my employer

>castigating my campaign for

>consensus that considers the consequences. His communication is all

>emotion and no substance. He conjectures great damage to national

>security and inevitable disaster if the leap second is retained. He

>includes Wayne Hanson, Wayne White, and Ron Beard in his thrust to kill

>difference of opinion. He claims that only a "countable few" disagree

>with the recommendation. He cites Steve Allen, John Seago, and Ken

>Seidelmann among the countable few. I hesitate to accuse Bob of

>slander, but draw your own conclusions. What course of action would

>the group recommend? Abandon the crusade to save myself?

Are you really in danger here?

I really doubt that OSD will allow itself to be used for such
political purposes as to try to settle what in their eyes is a minor
technical debate by application of political force. And OSD most
likely can tell that the arguments are fundamentally emotional, even
if OSC cannot understand the technical issues. My guess is that OSD
will sent the letter to USNO for analysis, if OSD does anything

So, it really will depend on what your immediate bosses think. While
one can provide a technical counterargument, it will makes zero
difference if your bosses don't want CSSI involved, as this is no
longer a purely technical matter, even if you are completely right.
Nor is this worth losing a job.

So, talk to your bosses.

Joe Gwinn

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