[LEAPSECS] Problems with GPS?

Richard B. Langley lang at UNB.ca
Fri Feb 12 10:30:55 EST 2010

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-- Richard Langley

Quoting Tom Van Baak <tvb at leapsecond.com>:

> > So what I'm hearing is that the group is unaware of any specific

> > issues with civilian GPS units?


> Rob,


> In the past few months some civilian receivers experienced

> glitches that were eventually correlated to changes made in

> ground control software or something like that. The changes

> were still ICD compliant but apparently they exposed latent

> firmware bugs in a few gps receivers -- receivers that had

> otherwise been working flawlessly for more than a decade.


> Sorry, I don't have first-hand information on the problem.


> This sort of thing seems to happen every few years. Most

> recently recall that some receivers mishandled the 32 SV

> boundary case. Prior to that there were Y2K and WNRO

> fixes. Probably other cases as well; I don't have a full list.


> /tvb



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