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Ian Batten said:

> I seem to recall that there's some debate as to the leap-year status of 4000CE

Not in either the UK:

| Be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid,


| that the Years of our Lord 2000, 2400, 2800, and every other fourth

| hundred Year of our Lord, from the said Year of our Lord 2000 inclusive,

| and also all other Years of our Lord, which by the present Supputation are

| esteemed to be Bissextile or Leap Years, shall for the future, and in all

| Times to come, be esteemed and taken to be Bissextile or Leap Years,

| consisting of 366 Days, in the same Sort and Manner as is now used with

| respect to every fourth Year of our Lord.

or in those countries conforming to Inter Gravissimas:

| idemque ordo intermittendi intercalandique bissextum diem in

| quadringentis quibusque annis perpetuo conservetur.

It's a leap year.

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