[LEAPSECS] Back to Basics

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Wed Nov 3 16:38:14 EDT 2010

On 11/03/2010 12:25, Steve Allen wrote:

> On Wed 2010-11-03T18:22:16 +0000, Tony Finch hath writ:

>> That is very strange wording, given that UTC is specified by the ITU-R but

>> only endorsed by the CGPM. Is it that the BIPM has a lot of operational

>> responsibility for UTC, and they are an agency under the authority of the

>> CGPM?

> Remember that the standing CGPM resolution says that UTC is

> mean solar time.

> http://www1.bipm.org/jsp/en/ViewCGPMResolution.jsp?CGPM=15&RES=5


> So is this a tacit acknowledgment that this new US law was intended to

> be conformant with the previous law wherein congress explicitly

> specified that US legal time was mean solar time?


> Again we would need judge and jury to answer.

Mean Solar time, as interpreted by the Secretary of Commerce, was the
law. That's why UTC was the de-facto standard. The Secretary of
Commerce decided that was a mean solar time... Maybe the justification
was that the BIPM/CGPM said it was.


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