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On 1 Sep 2010 at 20:02, Tony Finch wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Aug 2010, Ian Batten wrote:

> >

> > Although unrelated, it would also open up the whole "moving the UK to WET" can

> > of worms, which has become distinctly toxic because of the implications for

> > Scotland.


> The UK is currently on WET (same as Portugal). There is a small but noisy

> lobby that wants to move to CET (same as France) who pipe up every year

> in the run-up to the clocks going back.

If the time zone boundaries were drawn with any sort of logic with
respect to keeping the times close to the natural solar time in each
location, then France and Spain would join the UK and Portugal in
WET, rather than the UK shifting the other way.

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