[LEAPSECS] Coming of age in the solar system

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Mon Sep 6 10:28:56 EDT 2010

On Mon 2010-09-06T05:33:27 +0000, Poul-Henning Kamp hath writ:
[regarding changes in the schedule of daylight/summer time]

> 2. In civilized parts of the world, we know about these days 5+ years

> in advance.

Let's see, Australia prior to the 2000 Olympics, less than 1 year.
The 1918 change in the US, less than 1 month.
The 1967 change in the US, just barely 1 year.
The 1974 oil crisis in the US, as little as 3 weeks.
The 1987 change in the US, about 1 year.
The 2007 change in the US, less than 2 years.

Part of this could be explained as "war is hell", and part as
"what do you expect from colonies established by transported prisoners",
but I think there are a lot of other uncivilized examples.

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