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Wikipedia can be edited by almost anyone, but the regulars there will
look to
see if any change is supported by a citation to a reliable published
source, since there is
no mechanism to establish that a particular contributor has any relevant
qualifications. So a change is likely to stick, if and only if there is
a citation to
a reliable source.

Gerry Ashton

On 8/15/2011 12:11 PM, Finkleman, Dave wrote:

> Wikipedia entries can be changed by anyone. I recommend that someone

> correct the recent modification that clouds the origin of the term UTC.

> They wait to see what happens.


> My experience follows. For nearly 10 years, AGI prepared and donated to

> NORAD continuous animations for NORAD Tracks Santa. About five years

> ago Google and Booz-Allen-Hamilton intimidated NORAD to use them

> instead, gaining exposure and advertising. The NORAD Tracks Santa

> Wikipedia page said that AGI had withdrawn. I changed it. 30 minutes

> later it was back the way it was. I changed it again. This went on

> throughout the Christmas season of 2009. By design and policy,

> contributions to Wikipedia pages are unconstrained except for immoral or

> abusive inputs.


> Perhaps someone can write a script that monitors the relevant passage

> and replaces it with the truth every time it changes.


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