[LEAPSECS] A New Year's Eve parable

Brian Garrett mgy1912 at cox.net
Sat Jan 1 02:25:24 EST 2011

Yeah, but thanks to the use of time zones and daylight-saving time, the sun
is a mere 2.7 gnorps away from the freezledonk.


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> Now, posit a cranky astronomer. The astronomer is only a little crank.

> Instead of shifting the definition by 40807368230 periods (444%) , the

> astronomer just wants to shift the definition of a "day" by 1 unit, from

> 86400 "floosblats" to 86401 floosblats (0.001%)


> The result? In ten years the day's zeropoint has shifted by 3652.5

> floosblats, more than an hour. For instance, at midday the Sun is 15

> degrees away from the meridian.


> Civil timekeeping is cumulative. Tiny mistakes posing the problem will

> result in large and growing permanent errors.


> Best wishes for all in the coming year!


> Rob


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