[LEAPSECS] Problem for comparison: workers in multiple time zones

Brian Garrett mgy1912 at cox.net
Sat Jan 1 16:33:59 EST 2011

In my experience, FWIW, employees that get to travel like that are salaried
and therefore don't have to punch a clock. Time zones may figure into
"billable hours", but there are no hourly wages for these people that are
dependent on a time clock's being accurate to , 1 minute, let alone 1


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Subject: [LEAPSECS] Problem for comparison: workers in multiple time zones

> In this list, various time problems that people have learned to live with

> without really solving are sometimes mentioned, in order to put the leap

> second problem into perspective. I would like to mention one more.


> A company has its employees fill out a time sheet on a computer (or

> equivalently, has a data entry employee enter the data into a computer

> without training said data enterer with clear instructions). The company

> has numerous government and company policies concerning hourly pay,

> overtime, extra compensation for weekends and holidays. The employees

> often travel and get involved in complex situation such as boarding a

> plane in one time zone, work on the plane, and report to work at the home

> office, all in a 24 hour period. The computer time entry programs

> typically do not have a time zone field, and the employees are typically

> given no instructions on how to record time worked in a different time

> zone. In many cases this reflects an absence of company policy on work in

> a different time zone.


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