[LEAPSECS] Focus in the debate, alternative proposal

Zefram zefram at fysh.org
Sun Jan 9 07:31:04 EST 2011

Ian Batten wrote:

>It's 11000km from Beijing to New York. That's 36 light-milliseconds.

>Could you explain the meaning of events happening to microsecond

>resolution between locations 36 light-milliseconds apart?

He can incorporate by reference the meaning used by the TAI ensemble.
Circular T 276, issued two days ago, reports on the synchronisation of
TAI(k) with a resolution of 10^-10 s (100 ps), for k distributed all over
the Earth's surface, including two in Beijing and a handful in the US
(but not actually New York). Since Beijing, New York, and the various
national metrological agencies and stock exchanges are all very nearly
at rest with respect to each other, they do not naturally disagree very
far about which events are simultaneous.


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