[LEAPSECS] Clarification and VM Synchronization

Finkleman, Dave dfinkleman at agi.com
Fri Jan 14 11:10:39 EST 2011

First, to clarify what I meant by UTC being inaccurate. IMO, UTC is
inaccurate as a measure of Earth rotation. It is precise in atomic
seconds, but it is inaccurate for astronomical purposes. Accuracy is
restored to a significant degree by DUT. It is precise to the degree
that contributing clocks can be synchronized (nanosecond level, or as
previous discussions conjecture, picosecond level). I am as usual
insecure about this, and I would appreciate either confirmation or a
more suitable alternative.

Second, I am now fascinated by the implications of lack of synch among
virtual machines or real networks of distributed computers. I watched
the YouTube video recommend in the previous thread. I do not understand
this any way near to the others on this group, but I need to convince
non-technical authorities that this matters. Any suggestions other than
a two by four with lots of momentum -- and maybe a protruding nail?

It is ironic that the shift in astrological signs made headlines this
morning while the significance of Earth rotation and orientation
parameters escapes notice.

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