[LEAPSECS] Conversational caffeine

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Fri Jan 28 16:55:10 EST 2011

I'm delighted to see new life pumped into the discussion.

Regarding UTC-SLS, for context I might recommend Mark Calabretta's contributions that were chiseled on the stone tablets of the original mailing list:

"Leap-seconds, the epsilon perspective":


and, "Re: The real problem with leap seconds"


(Hint, it's all a representational issue.)

Regarding the "acrimony on this list" - just like Rodents of Unusual Size, I don't think it exists. Any apparent contention is simply the result of short-cutting system engineering best practices. The persistent lack of consensus reflects being forced too early into the consideration of notional solutions. Rather, it is obvious that we should still be attending to characterizing the complete problem space.

Leap seconds are a means to an end. Start at the end and work backwards.


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