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Fri Jan 28 19:02:11 EST 2011

Btw, forgot to mention here that RFC6013
An Alternate Format for Representing Date and Time in ASN.1

Adopts/gold-plates the POSIX timestamp:

The syntax for BinaryTime is:

BinaryTime ::= INTEGER (0..MAX)

The integer value is the number of seconds, excluding leap seconds,
after midnight UTC, January 1, 1970. This representation of time is
sometimes called "UNIX time" [POSIX]. This time format cannot
represent time values prior to January 1, 1970. The latest UTC time
value that can be represented by a four-octet integer value is
03:14:07 on January 19, 2038, which is represented by the hexadecimal
value 7FFFFFFF. Time values beyond 03:14:07 on January 19, 2038, are
represented by integer values that are longer than four octets, and a
five-octet integer value is sufficient to represent dates covering
the next seventeen millennia.

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