[LEAPSECS] 2 meetings on UTC and the impending ITU-R RA vote

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Sun Jul 10 22:32:51 EDT 2011

On 2011 Jul 9, at 18:04, Steve Allen wrote:

> In Pennsylvania USA on 2011-10-05/06

> http://futureofutc.org/


> In London UK on 2011-11-03/04

> http://royalsociety.org/events/UTC-for-21st-century/

In the case of the 2003 Colloquium on UTC in Torino there were 39
participants, 10 of whom were from the host institution.
These meetings will be among the last forums in which anyone whose
systems might be affected can participate.

I think the subjects of leap seconds, time scales, and the way that
systems handle them remain extremely esoteric, but the participants
of the LEAPSECS list are among those who understand.

I urge anyone who is familiar with systems that might be affected
to consider participating, and also to spread the word among any
professional societies that might have members who could contribute
to these meetings.

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