[LEAPSECS] be your own pontifex maximus

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Thu Jun 16 23:37:10 EDT 2011

I recently asked a linux box and a mac to use a hacked instance of
the tz (zoneinfo) leapseconds file. The results are at the end of


In short, both systems behaved as expected. As a normal user, without
any sysadmin privs, the two systems used the uniform input time from
NTP and produced a zone time that showed a leap second. At the same
time they showed the difference to GPS time increasing from 15 seconds
to 16 seconds. This is something that any programmer can use as a test
over and over without special hardware.

So for anyone who has ever wanted to try being Daniel Gambis of the
IERS and declare a leap second, see the web page for the recipe.

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