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Le 04/01/2012 20:50, Michael Sokolov a écrit :

> Tony Finch<dot at dotat.at> wrote:


>> GMT was discontinued decades ago and has not had a coherent meaning for

>> even longer.


> If the ITU bastards have their way, I'll be forced to drop all my

> other projects and *scramble* to build my own non-UTC GMT-generating

> apparatus before the first embargoed leap second occurs. The

> apparatus I have in mind is envisioned as being very similar to a

> typical stratum 1 NTP server (GPS in, Ethernet out), but with a

> special twist: instead of applying the "UTC offset" (or LS count or

> whatever it's called) transmitted by GPS, apply a different offset

> controlled by ME locally. I will then have to manually adjust this

> offset periodically to steer my timescale to the true GMT, i.e., to

> UT1 or whatever else happens to be convenient. And when this offset

> needs to change, it will be done via a rubberization process similar

> to UTC-SLS.

I think an RFC for an NTP extension to support a rubbery time scale
will be required so that all who wish to keep something approaching UT1
as civil time can do so.


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